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What Is Content Buddy?

Content Buddy is more than just a content grabbing Plugin, it revolutionizes how Blog Authors go about finding content to blog about. Once you have your niche or topic, Content Buddy allows you to quickly and easily search various real-time sources for keyword rich, SEO friendly content that you can simply drag and drop into your site.

Everyone knows that Content Is King, now with Content Buddy there is no need to spend hours searching the web, reading and scanning articles to find quality content for your site. Create content packed posts full of stunning images, interesting videos, quality articles and news snippets or even tweets in a matter of seconds. All from sources like:

  • Google Blog Search (Giving you access to millions and millions of content pieces)
  • Google News Search (Get the most recent headlines for your niche/topics and let your readers know what’s happening in their niche… right now)
  • Twitter Text (Search Twitter in real time, and include selected tweets in your post)
  • RSS Text (Add your own select sources from RSS feeds and curate content from the best sources in your niche)
  • Google Images (Search the 100s and 1000s of images in Google Image search to find the perfect image to include)
  • Flickr Images (Go even further and search Flickr)
  • Google Video (Search the entire Google Video library in just seconds)
  • YouTube Videos (Scan and pull from YouTube, the largest collection of online videos)
  • Vimeo Videos (Yes, we even included Vimeo!)

So how does Content Buddy make your post writing easier? It’s simple, Content Buddy allows you to search the various sources mentioned in its unique widget located next to the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Once you have found your content, simply Drag and Drop it from the widget to the editor and start filling your post with optimized SEO friendly content. Super simple and easy to use and there’s absolutely no coding required, everyone can create great content by just dragging and dropping.

Now let’s not confuse Content Buddy with auto-blogging Plugins because Content Buddy is NOT about auto blogging. Content Buddy is a tool to help you quickly and effortlessly curate content and provide valuable information to your visitors – all from the comfort of your WordPress admin section.

Constructing Content Just Got Easier – use Content Buddy to simply drag and drop your way to the top of the Google Rankings with relevant AND valuable content.

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